Policy Statement






Cricket B.C. provides opportunities to foster and promote the sport of Cricket throughout British Columbia and Canada, which will offer opportunities for excellence at all levels of participation from recreational to international.





Cricket B.C. is dedicated to being a progressive volunteer sport association based upon a tradition of excellence, dedicated partners, and an ethical and value driven foundation.  Cricket B.C. has a strong multicultural athlete centred and client focussed sport system that promotes growth, accessibility and success of the sport of Cricket provincially, nationally and internationally


We are in pursuit of a vision that will:

  • Provide communities throughout British Columbia with accesss to recreational and competitive cricket programs.
  • Strive for excellence by providing training and competitive opportunities for athletes, coaches and officials from the recreational level to the international level.
  • Actively seek ways to increase participation rates for athletes, coaches and officials and build strong relationships with clubs, media, schools, sponsors, government and the sports community.


The following characteristics are included in this vision:


1.    Human Resources


There are improved leadership capabilities of both volunteers and staff that foster trust, creativity, cooperation and fairness.  Cricket B.C. provides an environment of mutual respect and recognition.


2.    Finances


Cricket B.C is living within its means, putting its activities in priority, and allocation its financial and human resources according to these priorities.


3.    Planning


Strategic and annual planning is realistic and based upon human and financial resources.  Priorities are clearly established.


4.    Management


There is a professional and effective approach to association management.


5.    Communications


There are effective communications within the association and with the media, private sector, educational institutions, governments and the local, national and international sport community.


6.    Grass Roots


Cricket B.C. has strong grass roots programs that provide enjoyment and  satisfaction to attract and retain participants.


7.    Membership


Cricket B.C. has a growing membership as a result of the association’s effective programs.


8.    Athletes


Cricket B.C. has a broad base of athletes.  The association focuses on a safe, enjoyable and motivating environment for all athletes and participants.


9.    Coaches and Officials


There are accessible and flexible training programs that ensure increased numbers of high calibre coaches and officials for provincial, national and international programs.


10.  International


Cricket B.C. in association with the Canadian Cricket Association and the  International Cricket Council, maintains a high profile in ensuring that cricket is a vibrant, multicultural international sport.





The following statements collectively form the values held by Cricket B.C.:


1.    The environment of Cricket B.C. encourages tolerance, mutual respect, trust and innovation;

2.    Communication is open, honest and fair;

3.    Commitment to Cricket B.C. results in a positive and supportive experience;

4.    Within Cricket B.C. we deal professionally with issues and problems.

5.    Within Cricket B.C., teamwork and collaboration lead to pride, ownership and improved results.


The following list of key words illustrates the values we uphold and encourage:


HONESTY                  COMPASSION           INNOVATION             EXCITEMENT

INTEGRITY                COOPERATION         EXCELLENCE          FAIR PLAY                 

EMPATHY                  LEADERSHIP            FUN