Officials Development Model

Adopted November 5, 2006 (Rev Dec 2nd, 2012)



In British Columbia Officials are governed by two independent bodies, the Vancouver Umpire’s and Scorers Association (“VCU&SA”) and the Vancouver Island Society of Cricket Umpires and Scorers (VISCUS). These two associations are responsible for the training and development of all on-field and off-field officials.  Both organizations are members of Cricket B.C.


Stage 1 - Recruitment

Potential Officials are nominated by the member Cricket clubs or those interested parties approach either VCU&SA or the VISCUS directly.  Regular appeals are made to the member clubs to provide potential candidates.


Stage 2 – Initial Training

Candidates enroll in the Level 1 CC (Cricket Canada) Officials Course.  The course is four - five weeks long at three hours per week and covers the basic Laws of Cricket, ICC Playing Conditions & Local regulations.  The candidates then write a 60-80 minute exam on the above.This course and subsequent written test may be organized, by agreed to request, over two full days. The pass mark for officials is 75%.  The exam is marked in BC and the list of successful candidates is sent to the CC Umpiring Coordinator, who keeps a membership list of all Canadian umpires/scorers and issues Level 1 certificates to the successful candidates.


Stage 3 – Initial Experience

Holders of a Level 1 CC Certificate are assigned, by either the VCU&SA or the VISCUS to officiate matches in either the BCMCL or the leagues organized by the VDCA respectively.  Officials are assigned primarily to matches in the higher divisions in the BCMCL/VDCA when they are initially qualified.


Stage 4 – Secondary Training

After officiating a number of matches, usually (9 or more is locally recommended) for 1 year, in local cricket, a potential candidate may choose to enroll in the Level 2 CC course.  This course is geared to provide an intermediary step for those wishing to expand their knowledge of the MCC laws, ICC playing conditions, local regulations and game management.  This course is also four - five weeks long at three hours per week and is followed by a 80 minute exam. This time organization may be structured differently per agreement between VCU&SA/VISCUS.  As before, the exam is marked in BC and successful candidates receive certificates from Cricket Canada.


Stage 4 – Secondary Experience

Officials who hold a Level 2 CC Certificate are then assigned to matches, including the top division.


Stage 5 – Advanced Training

After building up a resume as a 'League' official at Level 2 in local cricket a potential candidate may choose to enroll in the Level 3 CC course.  This course allows an official to participate at the top divisions of Canadian cricket.  A qualified CC Level 3 umpire can officiate at any other cricket league in Canada and will be considered for domestic representative matches.  This course is 5+ weeks long at 3 hours per week and is followed by a 2 hour exam, also marked in BC.  The pass mark for Level 3 is 80%.  Successful candidates are recognized by certificate from the CC umpire coordinator and are expected to build up a resume at the top divisions of cricket in BC and Canada.


Stage 6 - ICC Officials (International)

The ICC (“International Cricket Council”) develops a list of officials for international tournaments and games.   The top ICC level is the ‘Full member’ level, which has officials drawn from the ‘Emirates’ panel & local Full Member panels.  Canada is represented on the 2nd tier of Cricket – The ‘Associate’ level. Regionally, Canada comes under the jurisdiction of the regional Cricket body – ICC Americas. In the Americas region, umpire education is run in conjunction with the West Indies Cricket Umpires Association (WICUA), which offers an intensive course in order to reach Level I qualification, the minimum for consideration to a regional panel. There will be a review of scorer education methods at the regional level in order to determine the best road ahead, including the future formation of regional scorer panels.