2018-19 Cricket BC Executive Members - Congratulations

Attention : All Club Delegates
Cricket BC held their Annual General Meeting on 3rd Nov'18 and the subsequent Special General Meeting on 9th Dec’18 at Brockton Pavilion, Stanley Park and following Board of Directors were elected for the year 2018-19.
President – Amjad Bajwa (Elected by vote at SGM – 2 years)
2nd Vice President – Ankit Pathare (Elected by vote – 2 years)
Treasurer – Sanjiv Gupta (Elected by vote – 2 years)
Members at Large - Junior Co-ordinator - Anil Khanna (Re-Elected by acclamation - 1 year)
Members at Large 1 – Akhtar Nawaz (Elected by vote at SGM - 1 year)
Members at Large 2 – Bashir Bardai (Elected by vote - 1 year)
Following executives are already serving you.
1st Vice President - Alphonso Franco (1 more year)
Secretary - Mohan Kumar (1 more year)
On behalf of Cricket BC Executive Committee members, we want to thank ALL the club delegates for attending the AGM & SGM.