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2014-15 Cricket BC Executive Members

Cricket BC had their Annual General Meeting on 1st Nov'14 at Brockton Pavilion, Stanley Park and following Executive members were elected.
President - Rashpal Bajwa (Re-Elected by acclamation - 2 years)
2nd Vice President - Amjad Bajwa (Elected by acclamation - 2 years)
Treasurer - Harry Grewal (Elected by acclamation - 2 years)
Members at Large - Junior Co-ordinator - Anil Khanna (Re-Elected by acclamation - 1 year)
Members at Large 1 - Tajinder Dayal (Elected by Vote - 1 year)
Members at Large 2 - Harjinder Dhillon (Elected by Vote - 1 year)
Following executives are already serving you.
1st Vice President - Alphonso Franco (1 more year)


Secretary - Mohan Kumar (1 more year)
On behalf of Cricket BC Executive Committee members, we want to thank ALL the club delegates for attending the AGM.